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Counselor’s Corner

Welcome to the SSA + S Counselor's Corner Website! The school counselors at SSA+S are here to help with all parent and student needs, to ensure students are in the appropriate classes, and to help students meet their academic and personal/social goals.  We also provide individual and in group counsuling when needed and help prepare students for the future. 

On this website you will find helpful links for parents and students, as well as school information and updates. There are also links to Sarasota County high schools, information on college preparation, and much, much more! Check out the site frequently for new and exciting updates!

How to contact Mr. Mike Mapes or Mrs. Kozlowski from home

Parents can contact Mr. Mike Mapes by email first. Arrangements can be made to either chat via email to answer questions concerns, or other arrangements can be made for a phone conversation.

Students can contact Mr. Mapes by email first to determine the next steps. If students want to meet virtually through a secure, HIPPA compiant video chat, this can be done through doxy.me. Students must video email Mr. Mapes so an appointment can be set, and then Mr. Mapes will give out his doxy.me link so a chat can be initiated. Talking by phone can also be arranged.

Mr. Mapes' email address is: mapesm@ssas.org.

If you need to contact me right away, I can be reached from home at: (941) 313-2312.

Mrs. Kozlowskis' email address is: kozlowskic@ssas.org.

Tips to be a Good Online Learner

Here are some tips to share with your virtual school or blended learning student to help ensure his or her success.
  • Be positive. ...
  • Get organized—and stay organized. ...
  • Establish a routine. ...
  • Set personal goals. ...
  • Make the most of your resources. ...
  • Start on track and stay on track. ...
  • Limit your time online.

Taken from:


Resources for Students with Accomoodations in a Virtual Learning Environment!


  • This PowerPoint is very very helpful in this link that covers most accommodations while learning at home. Contact Mr. Mapes for more information.

Mental Health Managemet Plan (at school or at home):

SSA+S is dedicated to helping students manage mental health challenges. We currently contract with three mental health counselors who manage most of our caseload referrals. In addition, we also partner with the Safe Children Coalition (SCC) who take our referrals and meet with students regarding mental health management. Mental health counseling takes place on our campus during school hours. In order for your child to receive these services, there is a return process in place at SSA+S. Other services we provide are individual school counseling, group counseling, and character deveopment lessons that are implemented thorughout the school year.

For any questions about this, pleaes contact Mr. Mapes: mikemapes@ssas.org

 At Home Plan:

  • Schedule an Apppointment with Mr.Mapes or Ms. Kozlowski: Students can still schedule a phone or virtual appointment with Mr. Mapes or Ms. Kozlowski from the confort of home. Just send an email to: MapesM@ssas.org or KozlowskiK@ssas.org to schedule a time to talk. 
  • Interested in meeting with a mental health counselor? Contact Mr. Mapes at mikemapes@ssas.org or Ms. Kozlowski at KozlowskiK@ssas.org so they can assess the situation and determine what your options are most approproate. Services are based on a case by case basis.
  • Students who need immiediate help can text HOME to 741741 - This is a crisis textline that's avaiable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Stress Management (at school or at home)

Feeling stress is a normal human emotion, as it can push us out of our comfort zones and assist us in achieving goals. However, stress can also cause issues in our mental and physical health if it's too high, especially for long periods of time. Here are some things that you can do to manage your stress levels from home:

High School Registration (8th graders only):

All current 8th graders, please make sure you let SSA+S know if you've been accepted to a specific high school program. You can do this by emailing Mrs. Pinon directly at vannessapinon@ssas.org with the information so we can update our records and make sure you get the correct registration materials. 

With the new changes to education this quarter, this will most likely impact how high school registration is handled for our 8th graders going into 9th grade. We will post any updates here so you are aware. Typically BHS, SHS, RHS, and SMA come to SSA+S to register kids, however, with no kids on campus, this process will most likely change. 

For any kids going to Manatee County schools, or any school not listed above, you will need to contact them directly for their registration process.

4/21/20 Update:

Students going to SHS (including AICE, MaST, students accepted into School Choice, and those who live in the SHS district) should click this link for registration materials and protocol:


For questions, you can email Courtney Sterling in the SHS school counseling department at: courtney.sterling@sarasotacountyschools.net

Students going to RHS: Click this link to open up the 9th grade registration form:

RHS 9th Grade Course Request Worksheet

For questions or to scan in your completed form, please contact: kathryn.sperber@sarasotacountyschools.net 

Students going to BHS: 

Here's the link to the form  "Booker High School 2020-2021 Course Request Form"

Questions can be directed to: cara.johnson@sarasotacountyschools.net (she's one of the BHS counselors who helps wit 9th grade registration)

Students going to SMA: Please contact SMA direclty for registration protocol and materials.

All other schools: Please contact them directly for registration protocol and materials.

Summer Work for Students Going off to High School:

We will update any information we have about summer school work that's required for incoming 9th graders to this section.

SHS (including AICE/MaST): None

BHS (including AICE/Law/VPA): None

RHS (including pre-IB): None

SMA: None

All other schools, you will need to contact them directly.

SSAS Course Registration for Next School Year:

6th and 7th grade students should have already turned in their course registration forms for next school year. If you have not done this you can mail it to SSAS ATTN: Leah Sera or you can scan it to Mr. Mapes' email: mikemapes@ssas.org. If you do not have the course selection form and need one to fill out, please contact Mr. Mapes by email and he will send you one electronically. Scheduling for next year will began as early as April 1st.

Core clases for next year will primarily be selected using last years FSA scores, this year's grades, and teacher recommendations.

SSAS Academy Information for Next School year

Students who have applied to an academy for the 20-21 school year will receive notification by the end of this school year whether they have been accepted or not. If you gain acceptace into the academy you applied for, it may give you priority into certain classes. Your academy contacts are

STEM Academies: Mr. Mapes (mikemapes@ssas.org)

Cambridge AICE: Mr. Sutliff (briansutliff@ssas.org)

Arts Academies: Mrs. Kozlowski (cathykozlowski@ssas.org)

504 Management with New COVID-19 Protocol:

504 updates will still occur by using video or conference call methods. Please contact Mike Mapes or Mrs. Kozlowski for any questions regarding your childs 504 plan at mikemapes@ssas.org and cathykozlowski@ssas.org 

Contact Information



Mike Mapes

School Counselor

504 Compliance Officer

FSA Coordinator


S.T.E.M. Coordinator


M.A. School Counseling

Argosy University

B.S. Biology

State University of New York at Cortland


Florida D.O.E. Certifications

General Science 5-9

Guidance and Counseling K-12

CPR/First Aid Certified


Flag Football

Photography Club
Young Entrepreneurs Club

941-330-1855 Ext. #1452






Cathy Kozlowski

School Counselor

504 Compliance Officer

SSA+S Preparatory Arts Programs


M.A. Educational Psychology

University of Connecticut

B.S. Human Development and Family Studies

University of Connecticut

Florida D.O.E. Certifications

Guidance and Counseling K-12

CPR/First Aid Certified

941-330-1855 Ext. #1465


Referral for Special Needs

If you believe your child is experiencing difficulties academically or behaviorally, you should contact the Team Leader to express your concerns.

6th grade team co-leader: Sarah Shepherd

6th grade team co-leader: Marisa Gourley

7th grade team leader: Kathleen Ferry

8th grade team leader: Mickey Stone

If you feel your child could benefit from a possible 504 (or has a current 504 and needs updating) or other Exceptional Student Education (ESE) services due to ADHD/ADD or other reasons, please contact the school counselor.  Parents/ guardians must submit this request in writing and include an email address or phone number and time that would be best to contact you.  Once your request is received, the school counselor will contact you in a timely manner and explain the process we follow at SSA+S to address your child’s needs.

  1. Parent puts request in writing to school counselor.

  2. The school counselor will :

    1. Respond to parent and document phone call or leaving a message.

    2. Send a written summary of contact home.

    3. Inquire from teachers via team meeting if they are noticing any issues with the student at school

      1. If teachers note issues with academics and/or behavior, then intervention strategies will be  developed, parent teacher meeting will be scheduled, and attempts at resolving academic/behavioral concerns will be addressed.

      2. If concerns cannot be addressed in this manner and concerns still persist, then student will be placed on the agenda for the school wide support team (SWST).

      3. If teachers do not note concerns with academics and/or behavior, then the parent is contacted again in writing with teacher feedback provided. 

Teens Against Bullying Website

Teens Against Bullying Web site is an interactive, unique educational resource for bullying prevention designed to engage, empower and educate all teens. There are creative solutions that all teens can use to educate or help each other raise awareness in their in bullying situations. http://www.pacerkidsagainstbullying.org/

High School Planning

Below you will find a link to the high school planning packet that was given to the students in January. Please contact the school counselor for more information regarding high school planning.

High School Planning Packet

Helpful Parent Resources

CollegeBoard http://www.collegeboard.com/
Sarasota County Schools http://www.sarasota.k12.fl.us/
Partnership http://www.theantidrug.com/
GetNetWise http://www.getnetwise.org/


helpguide logo new http://www.helpguide.org/articles/anxiety/cutting-and-self-harm.htm
nrc header logo http://www.help4adhd.org/

Studying with ADHD 




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