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2018 Summer Camp

Exciting and Educational Mini-Camp

June 4th - June 15th

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM*

Opportunities for Middle School Students

Those entering Sixth Grade through those entering Ninth Grade are welcome.

Students can choose from morning and afternoon sessions, or they can attend both, for a full day.

Breakfast and Lunch are included at no additional charge.


Deadline for Registration is May 17th, 2018

*Morning Care available at 8:00 AM

*After Care available until 5:30 PM

Call for availablity and to register,
(941) 330-1855 Ext 1100.

Carpool Options


Morning Camp
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM




Hamilton Camp with Mr. Stone

Do not give away your shot!   This is your chance to learn, rehearse, and perform songs from the hit Broadway musical, “Hamilton.”  We will watch a recording of the original cast performing their ground-breaking roles then choose several songs to prepare for a special performance at the end of camp!  Make sure you are in the room where it happens at Mr. Stone’s premier “Hamilton” summer experience!


Camp Flyer

A02 Camp is Full
Call for Availability

Summer Reading Camp with Ms. Dunlap

Do you need help with your Summer Reading/LA Project? Are you a struggling or reluctant reader? Not sure what the directions mean in the Language Arts packet?

Well, in this camp, Mrs. Dunlap will assist you so that your project goes by quickly and you have more of the summer to do what you want to do! All supplies and novels will be provided.

Don’t wait until the end of summer!

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Have Fun Learing Basic Spanish with Ms. Rueda

We will be learning basic vocabulary in a fun way, working in groups, learning songs, making projects, going on field trips and many other exciting activities. We’ll even make a piñata and break it.

This class will help new students feel more at ease with the Spanish lan-guage. If you want to review your Spanish , you’re welcome too.

There’s much to learn, and we’ll do it in a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

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Girls' Only P.E. with Ms. Nelsen

Don't really like the ultra competiveness of playing with boys?? We will play recreational games and sports as well as incorporate fitness and dance. All activities are a preview of what the physical education department teaches throughout the year.

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 Girls BB 28


A06 Camp is Full
Call for Availability

Summer Art Camp with Mr. Hubbard

This camp is a perfect place for creations by both beginners and advanced students.

Come join our studio this summer!  We will work in a variety of clay techniques such as hand-building, Coil pots, slab building, and how to use the pottery wheel.  We will also paint, draw, and learn about printmaking!

Please join both weeks to allow clay to be fired.


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Beach Volleyball with Ms. Plath

Do you like going to the beach? Do you like playing games? SSA+S Beach Volleyball Camp plans to go to the beach every morning. Players will get their own beach volleyball to keep! In addition, you will learn the basics of beach volleyball, play in a tournament, and practice team building skills, all while getting exercise! We may even go swimming, play tag, race, and other fun games! Boys and girls are welcome – it is a lot of fun!! Water bottle, sun block, and appropriate attire required.

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Video Game Club 


Video Game Creation Camp with Ms. Shannon

We'll be using our Game Maker program to create video games that you can play with your friends and family at home! 

Week 1 is focused on creating basic tutorial games and learning the ropes of game making!

Week 2 is creating your own games, beta testings others, and competing for prizes at the end of the week. 

*We will not accept new campers during the 2nd week. All campers must have taken the Week 1 Tutorial in order to participate in Week 2.

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Afternoon Camp
1:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Harry Potter Movie and Activity Camp with Mr. Stone

Join Mr. Stone as we watch all of the Harry Potter movies, participate in various Wizarding activities, and other magical surprises! This afternoon camp is a MUST for all those Harry Potter enthusiasts out there!

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 Home Econ


Home Economics 101 with Ms. Dunlap

Campers will learn basic skills, tips and safety of everyday life and personal management skills.  Cooking, cleaning, banking skills, shopping, edible gardening, college and career.  In addition, home economics basics such as laundry, ironing, and sewing.  Think of this class as a Life 101 – getting our kids more independent and confident before they move on to college and beyond. We will be taking field trips to local stores, businesses, etc.  If you like keeping your hands busy, this is the camp for you. 

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P03 Camp is Full
Call for Availability

SSA+S Service Learning Camp with Ms. Nelsen

KSCB Volunteer Award winning summer camp!! We will leave campus most days and volunteer at different organizations. In years past, we have helped at Save our Seabirds, the Humane Society, the Cat Depot, Children First, the Senior Friendship Center, All Faith's Food Bank, the Animal Rescue Coalition, and have done several park/beach clean-ups. We also work on DIY projects to help animals rescues and the homeless.

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 IMG 1287
  pokemon 4


Pokemon Camp with Mr. Hubbard

Students will learn about all things Pokémon! Discover the basics of the card game and compete with each other. Learn the secrets to catching and battle gyms in Pokémon go! Watch Pokémon show and movies. Draw their favorite Pokémon!

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Photography Fun with Ms Shepherd

Campers will learn a variety of photography skills and techniques to take and create pictures they love. We will take field trips to locations throughout the community. Campers will also learn to digitally edit and enhance their photos. All campers will create a keepsake photo album full of their favorite images.

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selby LR 9  


Boys' P.E. with Mr. Lear

We will play recreational games and sports as well as incorporate fitness and dance. All activities are a preview of what the physical education department teaches throughout the year.

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Game Camp with Ms. Shannon

It's time to upgrade your family room with fun games created in the new millennium! We'll be learning games you've probably never even heard of and visiting the comic book shop to show you even more! We'll be watching game reviews and making our own! They'll be prizes, laughs, and fun all around. Come join us!

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Woodworking and Design with Mr. Footland

Students will design and build projects in the shop and get to use the CNC machine.

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 fine woodworking slides shell


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